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Homework Help: The Equation for Flow

  1. Apr 8, 2007 #1
    area = flow/velocity
    Is this correct? Also can anyone tell me what the units should be. Is it m^2, L/s and m/s?
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    It will really depend on what flow you are talking about. In physics, flow is synonymous with flux. If you are talking about a water flow you would want flow = area*velocity.

    velocity of has units of Length/time
    area has units of Length^2
    so flow must be Length^3/time
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    Eeh, mindscrape:
    Please make that / into a *
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    thanks - I just got a little confused - I thought I had it wrong for a minute there.
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    Err, whoops, I did mean to say times but disconnect between what I meant to say and what I was looking at. My bad.
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