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The equations -book

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    amazon.ca just picked up a bunch of textbooks and such.

    I would really like a book, not a book like Brian Greene's where explains more of the implications of string theory. I want a textbook which the equations and such.

    could anyone refer me to one?
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    How about Halliday and Resnick, which is the classic undergraduate physics text, or the Feynman lectures, a set of classic writings by one of the most lucid professors in history?

    - Warren
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    You would like a textbook on String Theory? That may be difficult. What is your current level of physics understanding? String theory requires a good background in quantum field theory and relativity, and even then it's rather complicated.

    The most basic textbook avaible would be "Introduction to Superstring Theory" by Barton Zwiebach, which still requires knowledge of quantum mechanics and special relativity.

    To give you an idea of the level of such a text, you may want to check out


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