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The Equivalence Principle

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    A.A.Logunov, M.A.Mestvirishvili, Yu.V.Chugreev

    http://ccdb4fs.kek.jp/cgi-bin/img/allpdf?199406359 [Broken]

    Abstract: By an example of the movement of an accelerated charge it is demonstrated that the inertia] reference system containing the homogeneous static gravitations field of the strength g is not physically equivalent to a constantly accelerated reference system moving with the acceleration —g related to the inertial system. Hence the Equivalence Principle in its standard formulation it not fulfilled. The widely spread view that just this Principle underlies the Genera! Theory of Relativity is not quite correct. The basis of Einstein theory of gravity is another Equivalence Principle, having different and more deep content that metric field g_ab of Riemannian space is proclaimed as the gravitational field. Just this is "the natural formulation of the Equivalence Principle" that Einstein had come to later.

    Once again about the equivalence principle
    V.L. Ginzburg (http:/*/*ufn.ru/*en/*authors/*ginzburg_vitalii_l/*), Yu.N. Eroshenko (http:/*/*ufn.ru/*en/*authors/*eroshenko_yurii_n/*)
    Lebedev Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

    The formulation of the equivalence principle underlying the general theory of relativity is considered. Implications of the equivalence principle are discussed with regard to a charge placed in a locally uniform gravitational field or a uniformly accelerated reference frame (the problem was addressed earlier elsewhere, for example by Ginzburg and co-workers in 1962). The criticism by Logunov and co-workers of the canonical equivalence principle in electrodynamics as presented in the earlier review by Ginzburg and co-workers is shown to be irrelevant.
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