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The essence of the field?

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    Maybe the topic is rather large,but i still desire a general idea about that:smile:
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    No one will be able to give you a "general idea" of anything if you present a question in such a vague manner. The "essence of a field" isn't exactly a standard, common phrase in physics. So unless you have a specific context and reference to cite to explain what this is or to show where such a phrase was used, your question is undefined.

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    You mean a quantum field?
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    ...or a classical field?
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    an american football field is generally 100 feet long, with two endzones that are 12 feet long. Back in the day the goal posts were at the beginning of the endzone, but then were moved back because too many poeple ran into them. The field is usually grass or astroturf.
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    :rofl: I enjoyed that answer far too much. :rofl:

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    Physical entity that has quantifyable dynamical properties. It is as real as the chair you sit on.


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    :redface: forgive me for not using the exact phrase,since i don't know it very well,the meaning i just want to express may be the hypostasis of field,and here "field" for one of the field theory

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    You still have not explained clearly what exactly you are trying to find out about these "fields". An "essense" doesn't exactly tell us anything in terms of what you want to know. I can't imagine you want a whole lesson on field theory that most of us spend years studying.

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    Well,I know it's impossible to explain the details about field,I just want to get a generel idea in that case,to form a concept about it.Naming electromagnetic field,gravitation field...etc,what are they?just the property of our space?
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    An imprecise question demands an imprecise answer. So here you go.

    Think of a field as a physical attribute that permeates every point of spacetime. Like the "Force" in Star Wars, sorta-kinda-not-really-but-you-get-the-idea. You can think of a field as the stuff the universe is made of, even the "void" and "vacuum of space" bits.

    The physical attribute can vary from point to point. Like a magnetic field is stronger in some places than in others.

    Variations can have direction and propagate from point to point. Like a transmission of electromagnetic radiation.
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    yards --not feet
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    "A field theory in physics is a theory which associates certain properties with every point of space and time."—M.L.G. Redhead, "Quantum field theory for philosophers" in PSA 1982 Vol. 2 (East Lansing, MI: Philosophy of Science Association, 1983).

    Check out Zee's Quantum Theory in a Nutshell - it isn't all that hard.
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    Thank you all!
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