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The eternal singularity

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    Hello im new here, im a science and physics noob so please go easy on me. I have been wondering about the true nature of reality for some time, just because im curious. During the proces ive come across the holographic universe theory, some quantum mechanics, some religious stuff, etc.

    Heres what i have concluded so far and i would like to know if there are any mistakes in it:

    The Big Bang started off as a singularity.

    Quantum mechanics has shown that it is possible for energy to exist 'outside' of space and 'outside' of time.

    So basicly, all information/energy can exist in a single point(because it needs no space) without beginning or ending(because it needs no time).

    So that could mean that right now, everything is still a singularity, because the energy doesnt need to (or cannot) exist in space and time.

    So this means that the singularity is still there and that everything is 1 energy.

    Ok that was it, please let me know if this is possible or if i made some mistakes.
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    It does??? I think you might want to rethink that one.
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    I put 'outside' between quotes because i know i put it wrong somehow.

    What i meant is: cant a photon be at two places at the same time and doesnt that mean that it doesnt really exist in space(untill its observed)? That its nonlocal?

    [edit] i think i put this one in the wrong forum, it should be in the philosophy section, ill put it there myself.
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