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The Ever Changing and Most Usefull Human Evolution

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    Is society not "The Ever Changing and Most Usefull Human Evolution" ?

    What are your opinions?

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    Do you mean to say that societal evolution is the most useful form of human evolution? If so, I'm not so sure. For one thing, not all societies are human, and even human societies, though made up of humans, are not themselves human. Perhaps you mean to say that society is the most useful product of human evolution. I suppose that might be true, but again, not all societies are human societies and we don't know what evolution will come up with in the future. Personally, I'd say human intelligence is more useful than social behavior, but I'm not very social so I'm probably biased.
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    2 thoughts...

    (1) Familiar with the concept of memes? (reproduction & evolution of ideas)

    (2) Human intelligence got us out of the caves. Human civilization (cultural evolution) got us to the moon.

    ok...a third thought...
    I'm not sure I'd separate memes & genes so distinctly. Culture/civilization/society is a byproduct of our type of intelligence.
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