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The Expanding Earth Hypothesis

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    Before you leap up and down on my virtual corpse: no I don't give much credence to it

    For some reason amongst some (a very few) geophysicists and field geologists, a hypothesis that plate tectonics is wrong and that the earth is expanding in radius has been in vogue (I have no real idea why)

    In order to understand this phenomenon, I would like to ask the august members of PhysicsForum to provide links to resources on the Expanding Earth hypothesis especially on the evidence one way or the other.

    One of the things I have found in this process is that believers in the Expanding Earth (expanders?) are very adept at quote mining, hiding behind Alfred Wegener's coattails (the geophysical equivalent of Galileo), and dealing with physical evidence in a very roundabout way (ie they make claims for the supposed Earth's current expansion without ever explaining why such an expansion cannot be measured).

    I have no idea where this might lead.
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