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The expanding universe idea

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    A hypothesis only by James Leckner

    Looking at space as a form of energy itself or as another way that energy is converted from one form to another. You would look at space as not the result of a large explosion (per say) but more like the conversion of one form of energy to another or even some form of energy outside of space undergoing some form of entropy or reaction creating more space or the "expansion" of space. The big bang could be described as the start of this conversion of energy, almost like a bubble forming inside this "outside" form of energy (for lack of a better term) as the result of its energy being converted into open space and that transformation of energy continues indefinitely. Dark energy could just simply be this conversion. Some form of energy outside open space being converted into open space.

    I wanted to place this idea somewhere where i can get some feedback, or a way to prove it wrong so I can stop thinking about it. I am no astronomer or physicist and don't have the type of education to really put this idea out there the way that I want so I wanted some ideas from more learned people than myself to either discount this or expand on it.

    Any comments or thoughts at all however are more than welcome.
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    Who is James Leckner? I can't find him with google

    By the way, it's "per se" not "per say"
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    Try reading about 'vacuum energy' and see what you think...how it relates to what is puzzling you. Have you seen descriptions like this:


    So just about anything you can imagine IS 'energy'.

    that is probably just what it is....look up 'spontaneous symmetry breaking' in the early universe....

    like here:

    When you change the degrees of freedom of any entity, voila, it's characteristics change...a sort of 'conversion' takes place....

    so, based on the non standard language/phrasing in your post...I'd say I don't see anything new....it sounds like those general ideas have been incorporated in mainstream physics...and the development of a lot of underlying mathematics as illustrated by the links I posted.....but without knowing more about just what the details are behind your comments, it's impossible to know.
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    Yea that would be me. And thank you.


    Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the very simple breakdown of this idea. It was something that I thought of standing in my driveway this morning and kind of rushed to jot it down as to not lose it later. Thank you for the links I am looking these over now. I was aware of vacuum energy but hadn't looked into it in depth really before now.
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    Better to pose questions rather than risk your topic be CLOSED because it is personal speculation....a personal theory.

    Try asking things like "How is energy related to space?" or "Can space be considered a form of energy?"
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    Thank you I will definitely do that in the future.
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    Personal theories are not allowed on PF, so I am going to close the thread. Feel free to start another thread for discussion of what mainstream science says about the expansion of the universe.
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