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The Extension of Kaku's Vision

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    Might we have recognized the world from such a view, is a interesting point of view, but even Kaku, standing on the bridge , can look into the pool and at the same time recognize, the position he holds?

    If you read Kaku's book(Hyperspace) you will understand what I mean. To get to the non-euclidean world of hyperdimensional space, you have to understand something about GR, and when Kakus speak about his early perceptions, he has touched on concepts that have asked that he engage the thinking so far understood in that Euclidean world.

    Enlightenment here, is to understand the surface internally and externally.
    You know its like seeing the sphere and how we lay something on it. I would have never understood this relationship had not Kaku see the world of the fish from a different perspective. Not that we were seeing through the eyes of a fish, but that we actually could visual a surface from different perspectives.

    Imagine seeing the surface of the water from underneath. Imagine, if that surface is curved and looking at it from two different positions, from inside/ outside and we have the understanding of how something can be changed in its position, and we are talking about space and how it is tranformed as a imprint on that surface.

    Imagine the surface of the water, and the ripples, and how we have two different mediums defining the lines of the ripples and we have recognized two differents perspective on the space that identifies this line?

    Line of shadow line of line of light, is a direct reference to the understanding of what defines that line.


    Perspective on Escher

    It would not have been to unlikely to have to have a mirror, and changing the shape of the mirror, to reflect the nature of the world around us. I sometimes wonder how Micheangelo could have done the Sistine chapel?

    Did he use a mirror to help him with the curves in the roof? First the insight was one raised in how the tranferring of images from one surface to another and we will have to understand how dimensional references could have transmitted.

    I once asked Dickt about the digestive track of a dog, and if the lines were never closed in the spincter(?) of course the dog would have never come apart, yes realistically, but image for a moment that such a opening coincided with one another and we would have a dog that is split in two.

    The idea around the Flatlander and how one entity on the surface of one dimension could not comprehend the entity o another does not seem a valid arguement to me. I am not saying it is wrong, just that something is not right with it, and I must understand my confusion as well.

    So indeed education, for any of us and one has to wonder how such thoughts are present to the mind for a deeper understanding and what patience indeed, to have taken the time to educate oneself:)


    http://www.fortunecity.com/emachines/e11/86/dimens.html [Broken]

    What does Vafa reveal of F theory?

    It has already been written, and no amount of he's and she's will change what inventive mind can concieve, then not accept, the very foundation of what the interchanging understanding of Taoism gives to us, about the logic of?

    What is the middle way, and http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/hawking/messages2/122.html [Broken] , a line is defined, and in such recognition we understand the way of the world, in all its splendor and movement?

    It is very dynamical indeed and the topolgical considerations follow suit on a geometrical level?

    Have we explained the orientations, of the Calabi Yau models?

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