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The Face on Mars

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    I've just been reading the latest 'discoveries' regarding the infamous 'Face on Mars' at Cydonia ...


    It's pretty intense stuff. Richard Hoagland and his entourage seem pretty convinced about its composition and origins - even expanding to other geological 'features' near to the 'Face' itself.

    What's your take on all this?
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    I don't think I saw one thing of what that guy was talking about, don't know about you.
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    well it looks cool but until we drop something/someone down on mars to check it out first hand, it'll just be dirt to me
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    I couldn't see the "face" either from the overview picture, until of course the writer basically said "its the top one", then i went "oohhhhh". I'm sure many people wouldn't see the face, unless someone pointed it out.

    There was a documentory about this i think, and it tied highly with phychology. I think it went on the lines of people who "see" images within random visual contrusts are more likely to be religious.. their minds seem to link such images to people.
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    Is there any wind on mars?
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    i'm almost ceratin there is (as certain i can be without actually feeling it)...
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    Hoagland has been well documented as astronomical idiot prime, and a biased one to boot who sells books on stupid claims.

    Link to other forum:
    http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=8532&highlight=hoagland [Broken]

    Yes, there is wind on mars. But as the atmosphere is hugely thinner than on earth, not much in terms of wind. I suppose near the poles, where the frozen carbon dioxide undergoes sublimation, you can experience some pretty extreme winds.
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    If you have ever wondered why skeptics seem biased, and often shrill and 'close minded'...Richard Hoagland is the answer. Every time he is debunked, which is often, not only does he repeat his nonsense claims, but he adds even more horse manure to them! I mean, what the hell, guys and gals, Hoagland has been full of crap since at least the mid-80s. You don't even have to read anything he claims anymore, you know it is a lie on principle.

    OK, I'll stop ranting now. No, there is nothing to whatever claims Richard Hoagland is making to sell his latest book and/or VHS tape.
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    The Face on Mars is just a geologic formation. In 1976, the Viking mission took a photo of this region and, due to the lighting at the time, combined with the low resolution photo taken, the mound had an appearance of a face. But so what. On Earth, there are many examples of rocks, clouds, potatos, whatever that look like faces...the human brain is hardwired to look for such patterns.

    In 2001, the Mars Global Surveyor took a higher resolution photo of this area and showed that it is just a geologic formation.

    Check this link to see both photos...

    Also note the links to the other Cydonia landforms...supposed pyramids, etc. as claimed by folks like Hoagland.

    einsteinian77 - As FZ+ said, yes there is wind on Mars...enough to kick up frequent global sandstorms.
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