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The family business

  1. Nov 7, 2011 #1
    Hello all,
    Basically, since my early high school years I've been interested in engineering. My dad was an electrical engineer and really expanded the electrical business that my grand dad, an electrician, started. He and the 3 other E.E.'s that worked for him passed away, and the company fell on hard times. Luckily they maintained business and are still doing okay. My brother is finishing up a degree in EE to work there, but I am not so keen on EE. I would prefer either mechanical or civil, but I do want to work for the company and help out. My question is, what would each of these degrees provide to the company to help in expansion and profitability? Is general contracting a possibility? Despite the family business, I am hardly aware of the engineering/business world and hope that you all can help. Thanks!
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    you design the mechanical aspects of the product, and your brother can do the circuitry, there you go
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    Are you interested in marketing and business? Maybe your family's business has always needed a tech-savvy front-man in marketing and never had one, leading to hard times. I don't mean that you should abandon your technical education and jump into marketing, but you might consider taking summer jobs in technical sales/consulting so that you get a feel for how your future customers should be approached and how their needs should be addressed. You can have all kinds of skills in your organization, but without the ability to market those skills, your company can fail.

    Think it over, and good luck!
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    don't study engineering/science if you want to sell soaps.
    as simple as that!
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