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News The fate of the world

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    I was wondering if there had been no disputes between the people of israel and the palestine population,had there been no conflicts or sequels of it ,like the cold war and stuff between 2 neighbouring nations,would the world have been different??Or is it that the situation now prevailing is due to the so called "WORLD POWERS"?and their dominating policies...
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    I'm sure that area would be a *lot* different if there had never been an Arab-Israeli conflict. I'm sure world powers have contributed to the situation, but I doubt the outcome (as far as feelings toward one another) would have been any different. There are just too many hard feelings in the form of:

    'You took my land'
    'Only because you took it from me first.'
    'Well I took it because you took it before that.'

    You've also got 3 (or more, depending on how you count) major religions that believe Jerusalem is the 'holy of holies' and want to control it. If you were to tell me I'll ever see peace in that region during my lifetime (or probably 10 lifetimes), I'd say you were crazy.
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