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The FE exam

  1. Mar 28, 2005 #1
    I was wondering if anyone here has taken the FE exam lately, or at all. When is the best time to take the exam? Maybe senior year?

    Also, my course schedule allows me to take a few electives, incase I want to take courses from other disciplines for the FE exam (I'm an EE). In my case, I would take Statics, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics. Maybe Fluid mechanics as well. Should I take these, or take classes I feel will help me in my field of choice?

    Another question: Is the exam very hard? If i seriously prepare for the exam like 5 months in advance, will I be set? I heard the exam is like 8 hours long... that's pretty scary! :bugeye:

    Any other information you guys might have, please let me know. I've been googling some info, but nothing beats speaking with people who have taken the exam recently.

    Thanks :smile:
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