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The Fibonacci Sequence

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    I want to know more about the Fibonacci Sequence. I have read some about it but I still dont know all about. Can anyone tell me something about it or refer me to some good sites about it?
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    The Wikipedia Site Didnt work

    Do you guys have a much more rigorous site, something of a research level?
    Not that i would understand but i like collecting hard maths documents.

    Very much appreciated.
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    What was wrong with Wikipedia?

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    The Wikipedia site worked for me. Check the links at the bottom of the Wiki page, the have a few including one to the Fibbonacci Quarterly journal.

    The Mathworld page has a pretty exensive looking list of references, you might want to peruse them.
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    Sorry, Wikpedia worked the next time I connected.
    Do u guys know how to download a whole thread into a hard disk?
    I tried the link given by PF but it gave me a text file, and saving the page by my browser didnt produce the LaTex graphics offline. Again,

    Much Appreciated
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