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The Five Dimensions

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  1. Oct 20, 2003 #1
    The Gravity has another formula which Add to Newton's Law and explain the facts behaind creating the Gravity in an object Like Earth or Moon , etc. check the details at http://almanassier.com/gravity1.htm [Broken]
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    First, this should be in the Theory Developement Forum. Second, I'm always one to openly consider new ideas, but I didn't see one thing in that whole site that made any sense! If you did indeed learn Newton's Law of Gravitation, there is no way it will seem correct if you don't go ahead and learn the rest of his theories and math. At one point you say:

    "Gravity Force=(Mass quantity/surface area)(time of one rotation)"

    (or something to that effect) but if you knew anything about mechanics you'd know that forces are in newtons, and a dimensional analysis of the equation shows that you apparently think this:
    which means:
    which is nonsense! Everyone knows:
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    I did not mean any harm to you

    Dear Jonathan

    First may be you are right, this is not the site I had to write to because I thought I'm Writing to open mind people. Second if you spend some more time to read before you make your judgments this make you wise man , sorry for you
    I am not interested about religion as much I interested in explaining the gravity in a way will not clash with Newton’s Law which I do believe it. But as an introduction I am saying that the contrary principle (every thing must have an opposite), will be as a test for the accuracy of any Law, so that the Law which I provide on my site had been tested positively accurate with Newton’s Law in the end results. My Law is just an addition to explain how the gravity created and of course because I used the repelling , but not Attraction this will make the gravity units are deferent than what Newton used, but the main thing it gives the same ratio between Earth gravity to Moon gravity which is 6/1 and in any other objects . Thanks you
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    I am not even sure if this nonsense is worthy of TD. My first impulse was to delete.
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    Very good impulse
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    I don't know about you guys, but I think the five dimensions is vB code all the way!

    - Warren
  8. Oct 20, 2003 #7
    Yes, the poll made no sense. Mr. Mustafa, it doesn't matter whether it is repelling or attracting, all forces are measured in newtons. I can say for sure that until you learn Newtonian Mechanics you should not believe it to be wrong. I at least gave your theory a chance, at which point I noticed the nonsense. How can you dismiss something as not true if you don't even know what it is?
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    Damnit, Warren, its html and you know it!
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