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The five-second rule DOES exist!

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    The five-second rule DOES exist

    For me if it's dry, good to go, if wet or sticky, no go :)
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    But I though toast always lands buttered side (or jam side) down! Wouldn't that side tend to pick up bacteria more easily? :confused:
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    I can't find a citation to, or an abstract of, any published work in the peer-reviewed lit. I've searched Google Scholar, Pubmed and the Aston University page under his name: http://www.aston.ac.uk/lhs/staff/az-index/hiltonac/, none of which have any obvious link to this work. I would've expected the last link at least to have something, but no joy.

    I would want to see a proper article in a peer-reviewed journal before accepting this sort of thing. But, sadly, this seems to be the way Science is done nowadays - go to (the lay) press before you go to (scientific) print.
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    Take this for what it is, a user-submitted youtube video (albeit a very good one) on the subject that is related to this thread:

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    Here's the article from the VSauce video:

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    The butter or jam that touches the floor, I think, would most likely be stuck to the floor, leaving your toast germ free.
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