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The Flour Dough Platform

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    Hello .I am a first year Engineering student we are meant to build and design a platform structure made from flour-based dough (kitchen concrete) that can stand on a smooth hard surface and support 2 kg. You may use up to 2 cups (250 mL each) of flour, with one hen’s egg (though some people say only adds flavour and not strength), any amount of salt and colouring. No other material that adds to the strength of the structure can be used. It is likely that you will dry or bake the dough in an oven or microwave. To test the platform you could, e.g., place a 2 litre milk container on top and slowly fill it with water. You should aim to maximise the height of your structure within the constraints given and any additional constraints you encounter.

    The flour can be any type, but you might like to find out a little about the differences between them. Salt is used in making “salt dough”, recipes for which can be found on the internet. Some people claim that a little salt adds strength.

    Although your main objective is to design, build and test your structure, you will need to carry out a rational, quantitative study of properties of your dried or cooked dough first. For example you could measure the maximum load, or deflection of a horizontal beam supported at each end. You are expected to use this data when making design decisions.

    There are no marks given for the best or highest platform, but marks will be given for your description of design methods to achieve a high platform.
    Can any one give me some suggestions about how to start ?I am kind of confused with the whole thing !!!:frown: .I don't know what the shape of the design is meant 2 be ? Is it like a small bed ?or is it like a tower ? Also please if anyone has any websites or resources it will be more than amazing .please .
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    You are being thrown off by glare from the 'unusual' nature of the material.

    Seems pretty clear to me, unlike your English.

    Put some sunshades on and read your own text again carefully, I think you will actually know most of what you need.
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    Oh thank you (studiot) for your reply .The problem is solved now .It is not too bad actually and you are right it is way better than my crazy English .
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