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The Flynn Effect and U.S. Policies. The Impact of Rising IQ Scores

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    http://www.apa.org/journals/amp/press_releases/october_2003/amp5810778.html [Broken]
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    The article on the Flynn effect has what looks like objections but misses some important points. If I remember right, one cause for the Flynn effect may be that the lower end of the IQ bell curve has been rising because women have fewer children and because of antigens built up during pregnancy, later children are impacted adversely; immunizations reduce the number of diseases children get that can reduce intelligence; and better nutrition overall may raise IQ just like it can raise stature (which is still heritable at about 90%).

    So if anything, the lower end of the bell curve should be moving upward faster than the high end, norming then should not have much of an impact on the overall number of imbeciles and idiots - in fact there should be fewer of them.
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