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I watch and see this continual barage of foolish conversation upon fired sand structures, but no one knows the sand or addresses it. From the sand comes all things made. Like from the water or from the air. I challange any of you on this forum all of you inlcuding you outside this forum or to you who this particular subforum is made. I will place the reality of creation before a reputable source and only a reputable source. I do not know what is being said as known or unknown, but I do know what is. It does not bother me to not speak it, for it has been a realization to me since 1991. I am certainly not the first in history to understand it and will not be the last. What the worlds wants is accepted popular bandwagons and that is all. If you want confirmation of the real one and you have a decent reason reply else let this post hang in space.

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Very poetic Tenyears, I never know what exactly you are talking about until I try to figure it out only to find that what you are trying to say is whatever the reader is trying to find.
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jammieg, if people only really asked what they ask would they need to ask? I wonder what I should do sometimes and the answer comes back it is exactly what you do. Strange.
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Personally, I'm a big fan of SiO2.
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Originally posted by TENYEARS
I will place the reality of creation before a reputable source and only a reputable source.
Is it yours to give? It must be nice to have absolute wisdom.
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I do not lie. I have no need to. It was my realization in 1991 and it is cool to be able to know that the ability to know anything I desire to know I am able to know. Yea, it is awsome and yet what is there to know that makes any difference? I don't have absolute wisdom, I may experience the truth and realize the answers to questions I truely ask but no one realy owns anything. That is why the world is in the position it presently is in. To afraid to let go to the truth. You will float, the water will carry you, you are made of it. Everyone has this ability, it is part of them, it is part of you. When you realize that, and only when you realize that will anything change.
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I'm not quite sure what you consider a reputable source. I would say that it is anyone who knows the question to to the answer. You've been alluding to something for a while now, but refuse to be direct. It's something to do with life, but beyond that I can only wildly guess. Something to do with our place in the universe, meaning of life, or something else along those lines. Knowledge is a journey, some never even begin it. But if you've asked a question, you're already halfway to the answer.

You claim to have an answer, but have not asked the question yet. If you have the answer to creation, then let us share the wisdom.

The fish
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I found out the fishbowl thing is something from Dr Michio Kaku - some revelation he had while imagining himself inside a fishbowl looking out. I guess you have to read his book for the whole story.
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The bowl less fish bowl was a vision to me when I was asking a question about forum understanding and others around me in my life. The was the answer I recieved in a vision/dream. I have never read Dr. M. and I never will. If I am intersted in something then I pursue it. It is that simple. If I am true to to the pursuit does it have any other recourse? Be careful what you pursue!

Zantra, how can it be shared if it is only words to you. It would be only words. Only a handful have come close to the answers and yet you all have the capacity to this answer, to any answer. The answer is irrelevant, it is the question that will transform you. The question is the fire which tempers the steel. If you want to cleave time and space, see god, understand anything, do one thing and do it now.
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Ya I did read the fishbowl story of Kaku and how it relates to other demensions, etc. I don't think that's what TEN is referring to.

To me then the question would be "what is the meaning of life?"
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Alright, here is a cheapy, but thats all I can afford for the day. In the movie "City Slickers" there is one who knows one who searches. When the one who searches finds, if it is what is what does he find? An idea, a self consoling reason for leaving which is a temporary chemical high created by an adrenaline rush in an optim moment.

You will settle and because you will you won't see it yet. There are to many things in your life you are attached. You don't need to leave them physically but you do need to leave them from yourself. Confront it alone and there you will find what you search for. When you face the fear of knowing you may find nothing you are close. When you stare existance in the face in the face of nothing let go of all that you hold on to only then will the truth be revealed. It will have no choice. It's the law.
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He's looking for "the one thing"
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That one thing will be like a razor blade to time and space. It will cleave it and something will be there. You must become the intesity of the search, if it is outside yourself, the metal is not in the fire.

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