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The forums never update for me.

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    When I'm at the home screen, it shows the latest thread in a particular forum but when I go to that forum, the new thread isn't there and all the threads are days old. In order to fix this (somewhat) I have to click "Logout"(it doesn't even really log me out), go down to the bottom and select the forum I wish to visit from that list.

    That tends to refresh the threads but not the posts in threads. From the Quantum Physics forum (for example, this happens with all of them) homepage, it displays the latest posts in certain threads but when I go to that thread the posts are again days old.

    I tried to explain that the best I could. Thanks for your help and hopefully I'll be able to check up on this.
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    I had a similar problem a while back. The main page would say that there were new posts when there were none. Eventually I figured out it was the main page that was wrong rather than the forums- it was showing me a snapshot of the forum several log-ins ago. I never did figure out the reason but I'd imagine cookies were involved. Do you suppose this could be it?

    Edit- also new posts within sub forums make their parent forums display as having new posts. That one has thrown me once or twice when I've forgotton a sub forum was there.
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