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I The frame rate of the universe

  1. Dec 19, 2016 #1
    This is a rather more philosophical post, but i think you always have to make sure your philosophy stands with the laws of physics. Anyways.

    I think physicists are far too quick to dismiss life/living things when discussing the universe(it is still apart of the universe). I dont much care about the biology of life, but rather the philosophical implications. My question is, what is the speed of time? How long does a minute take? What is the frame rate of the universe? The obvious answer would be that it depends on the conscious observer. Different observers preceive time in different rates. Many people going through some emotional distress see time going by slower since your brain is processing more information. I think life, or some form of consiousnesss is necessary to perceive time.

    When you become unconscious or sleep, and then wake up you feel like no time has passed(unless you dream). Now imagine there was no life, no observer, since there is no one to perceive time, the universe began and ended in an instant(assuming it has an end and beginning). Relativity points this out too, if one were to orbit near a black hole, millions to billions of years would pass for them but would seem like regular time. I think maybe consciousness(simple or complex) is just the ability to perceive time? What are your thoughts?
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