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The free e-mail war

  1. Apr 30, 2006 #1
    The free e-mail war!!!

    A big war happens now between Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and other big companies...

    The reason:The free e-mail services.

    What e-mail should I choose?
    Gmail:It offers the most available space 2.7 GB. You can chat via it search the Web using Google and enjoy your 2.7 free GBs.

    YahooMail:It offers 1 GB(or 2 GB by paying).It has numerous useful servises but it's a typical e-mail service.

    Hotmail:It used to be the best, but not anymore. It's like Yahoo! but it's offerinf only 250 MB
    Thunderbird: It's a useful client. You can download it and have it in your computer. You can have your Yahoo mails or Hotamils or Gmails into it.

    Outlook:It's the program of the Windows and the most popular of all, since amateur users don't know anything different.

    My personal advice is Gmail. Plenty of room and of course useful services.The only drwback is that only if you're sent an invitation you can have your Gmail account.
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    Thunderbird and Outlook aren't email servers.
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    and to take out the drawback of gmail, i offer invitations :biggrin:
    i got 100 of them i think, and they regenerate, so i feel generous :tongue2:

    just let me know if you want one.
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    Your own mail server would be option number 3. :smile:
  6. May 5, 2006 #5
    I agree, gmail is a lot improved than yahoo or any other email in my view and Its also a lot simpler
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