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News The French PRISM

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    So now it has been alleged that the French have a surveillance program that's virtually the same as PRISM.

    Did anyone really think normal governments don't spy on each other, even if they are allies?
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    Every country has it's surveillance, anyone not aware of that is naive beyond words.
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    The article you linked pretty much suggests the exact opposite and claims they are very different:

    "Le Monde compared the French digital dragnet to PRISM, the U.S. National Security Agency program which has most caught the imagination of Internet users. But PRISM appears aimed at allowing U.S. spies to peel data off the servers of Silicon Valley firms — whereas the program described in Le Monde appears to be fed through the mass interception of electronic data bouncing across the world.

    Also, PRISM can apparently be used to collect content, not just metadata."

    I suppose, we will find out the full functionality and whether they are similar or not in the following weeks. I would be surprised, if the full functionality of that program has already been revealed.

    No, but I do not think that it is the purpose of PRISM and this system to spy on governments. If there really are governments discussing secret and classified stuff via Facebook, Twitter, Skype or mail, that would be an incredible display of incompetence.
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    Thank goodness for that. There is nothing quite like having one your allies being caught firmly with it's fingers in the same cookie jar to divert the spotlight and mitigate your own wrongdoing.
    Must be the reasonable thing to do!
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