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The fun wormhole neutrino through experiment and zero inertia mass action

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    As some theory resuly, in p or n, there is a tini wormhole, to pass the tini hole, only by a neutrino. Naturely lower enerty is super.
    To freeze p or n self whirlpoor in one direction by strong enough magnetic field. and pole the neutrino by strong laser beam structure. After some neutrino to pass the p or n wormhole, what is the ended, it will be fun enough.

    The similar experiment is to pass by high energy light beams, as the pole direction . It should be in some angle.
    The relativity wormhole . It is a space-time uneven region. If there is a zero inertia mass region, naturely the exceed light speed action will give some information in mass action.
    Although the zero inertia mass or time been unusual is accidental phonomena in the earth history, but the men-made action is fun very still.

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    Nice ideas. You will have to overcome the extreme reluctance of neutrinos to interact. Have you seen the speculation that neutrinos could be tachyonic? Experiments to measure their mass squared have not ruled out negative values.
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