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The Fundamental text on anatomy

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    Over this semester I studied quite a few physiology and anatomy books ranging from the classics of Gray's anatomy, Last's anat, Guyton & Hall's medical physiology and also Lange's histology and Lange's physiology. A word of advice to any premed student buying or reading from these books.

    Gray's anatomy is by far the most coherently organized systemic anatomy book which covers most dimensions of the human body starting from the molecular basis of each individual system and making its elucidation culminate to the gross perspectives of the respective system. I am referring to the Gray's anatomical basis and principles of surgery which I find is one of the best books to read when studying any science associated with the human body as it covers a wide area of study and is painstakingly updated. To be honest I think it has been a lasting authority over the field of allied health.

    Last's anatomy is usually a textbook used in composing FRCS tests so I am pretty sure its going to be very handy. Over the history of its publications it has has severe mistakes like completely missing out the clitoris in the female reproductive system in earlier editions. The significance of which to female reproduction, I am sure is great :blushing:
    The book is well organized, the diagrams lack clear labelling and it does cost a lot of money. It is good to borrow it from the library and make study notes from it, however unless you are an educater I doubt it will suite your collection.

    Guyton and Hall are severely outdated, a new version is to come this year. It is very hard to read from when preparing for exams and for a subject that deals with such a physical and material concept (namely the human body and its functionality) it doesnt seem to summarise by using graphics and tables. Rather key information is drowned with a surrounding sea of text which although highly explanatory does not suite exam preperation. This book suffers when discussing the special senses, it also is not well organized in mentioning the physiology of the nervous sytem. If you forgive it for these key problems than it becomes a really good book. It is indeed a classic and many have gained knowledge from this book however most books of this genre are well written so it does not excuse it for lacking the organization that it does.

    Lange's is very well organized and is good for preperatory work. Guyton's is excellant for a contextual outline for physiological mechanisms and key aspects of human physiology however Lange is well organized, succinct and keys gives the same information in less words.

    I hate verbose books, apart from the ones where I require or desire a lot of information. However when a physiology book dedicates itself in mentioning refraction through lenses and does not mention the physiology of rods and cones (referring to the eye) than I feel that, that particular book has severe lackings (I am referring to Guyton).

    Lange's histology is by far the worst book one can purchase. The end.
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