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The further adventures of Lifegazer

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    It would seem that after being booted from Philosophy Forums as well as this site, Lifegazer is still trying to convince the world modern physics has it wrong. For those wondering, he apparently still posts on the James Randi website at http://randi.org. Someone forgot to tell LG that is primarily an atheist site though, and after a year or so he seems to be appearing on other boards. You can now find his brilliant arguments on the Internet Infidels site, though once again LG wasn't informed that is also an atheist site. Oops.
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    Why was he booted?
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    Simply amazing. How'd you track him down?
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    Was browsing the boards and saw his name come up. I see he's just as popular there as he was here.
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    LG's quite a hit;


    Well it is Christmas time again, and I find myself humming along with Lynn Anderson;

    Gather round and I will tell
    the story of a Christmas Bell
    who used to shine and shine and ring
    and why they call him .... a .... :smile:

    One of the famous Jingle Bells
    is what he was but then he fell
    and broke his pretty harmony
    and he began to ring off key.
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    Is theroyprocess related to lifegazer perhaps?

    Reading the PF thread posted on randi.org I get the sense that today's PF is quite different from when LG was here ...
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    Can we not badmouth the guy when he isn't around to defend himself, please?

    He was asked to leave in order to preserve forum harmony, and graciously agreed to do so without much (any, I believe) fuss or complaints on his part.

    Let's at least treat him as we'd like to be treated and drop this, OK?
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    Agreed. (I don't even know who Lifegazer was)
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    This is in bad taste...
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    Wasnt this thread locked?

    I had wondered where lifegazer had gone.
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    ... with the wind of the Mind.
    Lifegazer ... so nice and understanding.
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