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The further development of special relativity.

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    Dear Mr. (Mrs.). Best regards for members of Physics Forum. I write from Belarus. Belarus is one of republics of former Soviet Union (Russia. First, excuse me I do not know English well and therefore I write briefly.
    Analysis of various forums and of opened discussions about special theory of relativity (SR) shows that many of people don't agree with statements of the SR. Many of scientists and private researchers try to find own decisions for states SR or they deny SR. Usually all new decisions base on properties of medium, elementary mass and so on but these decisions give Lorentz-transformations in not full volume and they don't have future. Lorentz-transformations are truth for speed next to speed of light. Usually the scientists do not want to recognize SR because of model of four-dimensional space. It is math abstraction, which has physical errors but math derivations of special theory of relativity are the truth. They are based on Lorentz’s transformations that are the truth for nature of physical world.
    In order to close criticism SR, I propose to you the further development of special relativity. I hope it unites adherents of absolute space and theory SR. My ideas are on site in form of the movie:
    This form specially chooses because nobody explores complicated mathematics. Usually, anyone possesses at least one point of view for any problem of physics but nobody wants to explore strange ideas and especially explore strange mathematics.
    If you see movie, you will not need to expend your time for intricate mathematics.
    I hope this movie is attractive for you.
    The movie explains nature of first postulate of special relativity only:
    The speed of light in vacuum has the same constant value in all inertial systems. The movie is short introduction of large work that has the complicated mathematics. The publication of the whole work on English demands large investment that I am not able to find. In my country (in Belarus) nobody is interested in basic investigations in this fundamental area of physics. Only, scientists of democratic states are interested with these fundamental problems in physics.
    As the author of own site I am interested in the following things, which about I want to know:
    Do you see my site?
    Can you understand my English?
    Do you understand my ideas?
    Are you assented with the used physical model on site?
    These questions are very important for me. I very need for help.
    Moreover, I want to find a friend, which may clean the translation, grammar a bit, and so on but leaving the content untouched.
    I wait for your replies and if you want, we may discuss the physical model of site.
    Thank you.
    Alexander Poshelaev.focus@4enet.by
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