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The future of augmented reality

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    Some stunning examples of a technology that (I think) will really change how we live our lives in the future.


    If you have an iphone you can get the free app, print the markers and see for yourself!
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    It could be just another gimmick when it comes to gaming. However, advanced image processing will definitely enhance the way we interact with technology.
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    Very impressive! Thanks for that! This technology could well revolutionize the way we communicate. My best hope for it is in the education sector, not so much in entertainment.
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    There are so many cool applications! Considering what they demonstrated with the kinect and 360 degree cameras I can easily imagine empty rooms that you go into, put on some AR specs and suddenly the room is filled with hundreds of people from all over the world in their individual rooms! On a serious note I can definitely see this helping in the medical sector; stick your patient in an MRI and see him pop up in front of you, walk down the ward and see peoples names, vitals and notes appear above their heads. Very cool stuff.

    Regarding entertainment it kind of gives a new meaning to MMO and LARP if kids are running around a real forest fighting dragons and orcs :tongue2:
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