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The future of gravitational lensing

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    What do physicists expect to do or find with lensing in the next fifteen years? Is there some specific object(s) they are looking for, or a concept?
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    You must be confusing GL with something else

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    I know scientists used gravitation lensing to determine the structure of dark matter in the universe
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    Thank you, gravitational lensing has grown a lot in especially in the last 30 years. I am interested to know what's on the horizon, or what scientists think is on the horizon
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    No, I am not. I will rephrase my question for you. What is cutting edge in the field of gravitational lensing? Alternately, what are some likely developments or discoveries that are expected in the field in the near future?
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    I don't think gravitational lensing is a "field" of study, it's just one tool among many in cosmology.
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    My apologies. Perhaps I was confusing it with something elsae.
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