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The future

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    Considering the current rate of technology advancement and the political situation around the world, I think that there is no way our civilization will make it to the year 2100. I have thought about this a lot and I just cannot imagine a scenario in which civilization is not totally destroyed before then. And if civilization is not totally destroyed, I think it would be so insanely different than it is now that it would scare us out of our minds if we saw it.

    Sorry for being so cynical. I have not been watching sci-fi films or anything, I have just been thinking about things I have learned.
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    its going to be tough---

    I either read or heard that about 80% of the large fish in the ocean compared to 100 years ago are gone, 80% of the virgin forests, and 80% of the large land animals---all gone just in the last hundred years---
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    My mother's father was born in 1895 in the Polish shtetl and died at the age of 96 in suburban America. The civilization he left behind in Poland was totally destroyed. The new one he left behind when he died was insanely different. But he was not scared out of his mind. I won't make it to 2100 in any case, but I take each day one at a time and I change with the times. Anyway, don't be so gloomy, hopelessness is a self-fulfilling prediction.
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    whatever... discuss amongst yourselves; I'm joining this guy's team:

    http://www.tacexterminators.com/oriental_cockroach_picture.jpeg [Broken]

    they know how it's done.
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