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The Future

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    The nature of 'the future' is solely connected to the idea of information. One might have well assumed that the future would be realised with some new, fantastic material, something so out of this world that the humanity had yet even whisper it's name in thought.

    Little did we know that this new future was merely the old way; with people, thoughts, ideas and the accumulation of knowledge that has been made accessible to nearly everyone in the western world. The future was not some alien invention, but the interconnection of everything we have come to know, past present and future. This future is the INTERNET, the instantaneous connection from me to you.

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    Technological revolution has always been about the amplification of human activities. Amplifying human social reach is what the internet does.
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    Ultimately, the future is surviving whatever nature decrees.
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    It's what we have today, something better will come along in the future as we keep progressing.
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    I can't wait till they put computer chips in our brains and force us to be on the internet 24/7 :) good times :)
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