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The Future

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    This is a big one. Who believes that our future's are not yet written and who believes that our fates are already written in time waiting to be told. I thought about this when I was watching an episode of the sci-fi series Red Dwarf, where they discuss the future and a there is a machine that can predict it with extraordinary accuracy. I mean who knows if we are going to be hit by a bus tommorrow, is it written our do we make our own fate? What are your thoughts and feelings towards the future and how it's written??
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    Yeah something like that. Sort of like future echos. Sorry to have wasted time. lol get it!?
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    i'd thought about that ages ago as well...

    ...waves of thought reverberating thorugh the echoverse

    with deja vu being the universe calculating a future event you will have based on extrapolating trends at the time of your conception and providing a snapshot in your consciousness which is probabaly outside of any 4d temporal reference...

    like blipverts in commercial advertising. Remember the porn sequence inserted in fight club...
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    our own sexual-itty has smthin to do with our future
    input of direct sexual synapses at right times evaluaete into enormous portions of energy as pathetic as its hard to imagine a world with NO SEX
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    My subjective belief : Yes to both. It is written, and at the same time we do make our own fate (but the fate that we make was pre-determined) :smile:

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