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The gas giants in Solar system

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    Of the four gas giants in the Solar system, only Saturn possesses very magnificient rings. I have just read that the rings are as old as the solar system themselves.
    My question is why did only Saturn create (or receive) those rings? Is there anything to do with the side of the gas giants?
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    All four gas giants in the solar system have rings.
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    I think the OP is probably wondering why Saturn has such a large ring system, as opposed to something like Jupiter's halo ring.

    Anyways, I remember hearing somewhere that Saturn's rings aren't dynamically stable; that they will only last for a few hundred million years or so and we're lucky to be around for them. I was going to say that perhaps they are replenished by activity like the water eruptions on Enceladus, but (mass of rings) >> (mass of Enceladus).
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    I know that. They have (almost) the same original, but the rings are so different !.
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    Recent research suggests they are as old as the solar system :
    and that's why I asked this question.
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    My point was simply that they are more the same than they are different. Their difference is merely a matter of degree.

    Yes, I read about the new speculation as to their age.
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