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The Global Heating Scenario?

  1. Dec 10, 2008 #1
    I have read that some Scientists do not believe that the emissions from industry, power stations, transportation etc is the ultimate cause for a global warming scenario & they can't put there finger on another cause.
    Of course science is the study of what we don't know rather than what we do know.

    It is obvious however that mankind sucking up billions of cubic meters a day of our precious air supply & turning it into exhaust emmissions via internal combustion engines etc is going to lead to disaster --sooner or later, our air supply is limited to a narrow band around the planet as we all know!

    Maybe a percentage of the global warming issue is due to emmisions but not in total.

    In nature we have volcanic & thermal activity, bushfires as well as the sun that adds heat to the surrounding air supply--then enter mankind into this equation--disaster soon follows.

    Considering the fact that our air supply is a limited value, it would seem that the inefficiencies of man made industries, power stations, internal combustion engines & everything electrical radiates heat & is actually heating the surrounding air.

    Approx 60% of all fuel burnt world wide is turned into heat & cooled by our air & as a result heating it & the surroundings.
    Ok one car or factory or one electrical appliance or clearing 1acre & burning it is not going to make a difference but now multiply by the numbers in the millions or billions & it looks like one giant heating element running 24/7 heating our air supply & the planet slowly but surely. Now add emmisions from transport & factories that stop the heat from escaping & soon we have a temporate climate in Greenland, Antartica etc.

    Also add the concrete jungles--cities & the heat radiation from these unnatural formations with there own weather systems & natural forest lands now demised & heating the ground to unnatural temperatures.
    The total BTU's of heat generated by mankinds inefficiencies & ignorance world wide per day is enormous, do the sums & have a look, it's scary.

    Consider that Nature is a delicate balance that is not meant to cope with mankinds quest for the easy life & all the comforts afforded to us & mankinds greed for pieces of paper money.
    Seems the only thing that matters these days is a pieces of paper??????????????

    Im hot!!!!!!!

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    Are you suggestig that we retract into a stone-age? Otherwise, I do not see what point you are making.

    If you're worried about the air supply, take more care of phytoplankton.
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    I sure could use some global warming right now; it is really really cold over here at the moment.
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    This is not a general physics discussion, moreover the OP doesn't specify a specific discussion point. Scientific elements of global warming should be discussed in the earth forum, and political discussions should go in the P/WA forum. Eventual sociological elements should go in the social sciences forum. However, in any case, the original post should contain some well-formulated elements.
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