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Not arguing the sunspot facts, simply that you seem to feel the facts lead to incontrovertible conclusions, namely from "This current cycle will end" to "Temperatures will decrease." and that "There is absolutely no way to refute this bit of science."
I don't understand your stance at all. We have increased solar activity. Irradiation of the Earth increases. Temperatures go up. Irrefutable. We also have greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. They trap some heat, and let some heat through. This is going on constantly. When solar activity decreases the irradiation of the Earth will lessen, and the temperature of the Earth will decrease because the process of trapping/releasing heat continues on, and the heat exposure of the Earth has gone down. This isn't just logically sound, this is proven science. The only way for this to be false would be if the atmosphere acted like a steel enclosure instead of a thin blanket.

No, simply for your conclusion that "[global warming] just isn't going to happen". And your attempt to equate your personal conjecture to laws of nature is silly.
Where did you get that from? Global warming is happening, because the globe is warming. I never said it "isn't going to happen". I'm saying that the globe would be warming regardless of our having polluted the atmosphere as a result of external variables, like Sunspots. Sunspots create higher temperatures: fact. The Earth receives the radiation necessary for life from the Sun: fact. The Sun emits more radiation, causing higher temperatures for the entire Solar System, the Earth included: fact.

Are we helping to increase the effect of the Sunspots? Certainly. Will our actions be the end of mankind? Absolutely not. Looking back at the history of the Sun as we know it, it's very, extremely, incredibly likely that this Sunspot cycle will end. I've come to that conclusion based on the same type of research that goes into proving Global Warming. And if it does end, the amount of radiation emitted by the Sun will decrease. When the amount of radiation emitted by Sun decreases, the Earth's temperature will drop. Think about it in the sense of something moving from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration. If X (Solar radiation) - Y (Amount of radiation blocked by the atmosphere) = Z (Temperature inside Earth's Atmosphere), then Z decreases as X decreases.

The rate at which low emission vehicles <i>of the future</i> will have a concrete affect global warming. This claim is 99% conjecture, 1% science.
I hardly have any idea what point you are trying to illustrate here. The concern of environmentalists is that we begin to lower our emissions to avoid danger. Every low-emissions car that replaces a higher-emissions car is a step in this direction. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. As more enters the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect strengthens, no matter how small the increase of CO2 levels is. For simplicity's sake, let's use small, round numbers:

A Ford F150 releases 500 units of CO2 into the air for every hour it is driven. A Honda Civic Hybrid releases 350 units. If you get rid of the Ford, and replace it with the Honda, you are emitting 150 units less CO2 every hour. We have slowed the growth of the greenhouse effect by 150 units/hour. Regardless of how many other cars there are that haven't changed, we can maintain this calculation as a constant. That's called an immediate effect.

Hah. Overstating.
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I never said it "isn't going to happen".
Direct quote: "...even if we have the power to kill the Earth through global warming, it just isn't going to happen..."

You need to double check".

You also need to bone up on the generally accepted defintion of "irrefutable facts" versus deduction.

Yes, there are sunspots; I am not refuting this. But your argument as a whole seems to claim (without the slightest self-doubt or humility) that sunspots and other natural phenom explain the entire warming trend. This you cannot know, and you sure can't claim is as fact. Only the future will tell this.

Further, there seems to be no doubt in your mind that humans will not create a runaway process. It is fine for your to think this, but it is by no means whatever any kind of sure thing.

Seriously, reread post 21, particularly the final paragraph, and look at how boldly you state opinion as if it were irrefutable fact.
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We have increased solar activity. Irradiation of the Earth increases. Temperatures go up. Irrefutable.
And to use the same logic and your own words...We also have greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. They trap some heat, and let some heat through. Greenhouse gas concentration increases. Temperatures go up. Irrefutable.

Both arguments fail because neither is a complete, rigorous scientific argument and both arguments ought to be made in threads in the Earth forum, if they wish to resemble a scientific argument. NOT HERE.

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