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The global warming scam...

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    I'm so tiredd of hearing Obama and his global warming ilk use the 'seas will rise' because of melting polar ice argument.

    There are two kinds of ice on the planet, the ice that is free floating such as much of the northern pole area, and ice that is not floating such as Antarctica and glaciers.

    As we have all learned from kitchen science experiments if all the floating ice were to melt it would not cause the water level to rise one iota.

    Much of the remaining non-floating ice, most of which is in areas far north and far below freezing expecially Antarctica. For that ice to melt the temperature would have to drop dozens of degrees on average.

    That leaves the ice that is in latitudes where a plausible temperature drop of a few degrees (due to the supposed global warming) would be enough to melt that ice.

    Would this be enough to raise the sea level noticeably?

    Not bloody likely.

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