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News The Godfather of Fake News

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    I'm thinking the financial part is about 99.99% of it.
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    What a despicable act. It's a shame the profanity filter on PF won't let me properly express my true feelings.
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    All I can say is caveat emptor. Make sure yo get your news from a reputable source. As a wise woman (my mother) once told me, "Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see."
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    What are the chances that this sort of Tom Foolery will inspire the government to introduce regulations or somehow intervene in the infrastructure of the INTERNET?
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    This is not a new problem, and it is not just a problem with fly-by-night sources. A year and a half ago, I complained on this very forum that Mother Jones took an infographic from the Washington Post and changed the title and caption to make it support the story they wanted to tell. And sell. Mother Jones is left-wing, but they are certainly mainstream - they have a print version with a circulation of 200,000.

    We have the Rolling Stone University of Virginia story - too good to check. In fact, one can Google "too good to check" and find lots of examples.
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    Possible... ?
    Main article is... here .

    I don't know how long it will stay, but a list is... here .
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    It is difficult in a free society to regulate the news. The most we can hope for is taking the gloves off a bit when such fake news causes damage. I'm not generally in favor of increasing our society's already too litigiousness, but this is one case where I would be in favor of it.
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    I think the Russian's are rank amateurs in this game when compared to the hundreds of sites created just from the people we know from reports are doing it just for the money. Who are these independent researchers and experts describing a dark web of Russian-controlled fake news agents? Seems more a conspiracy theory than a scientific analysis of the problem.
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    This article names some specific researchers:

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    Caveat emptor. Darwin in action.
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    Apparently Russia does create troll armies:


    which lends credence to claims of US election trolling by Russians. (See the related link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_brigades)

    Also note that the PropOrNot claim is to have found sites that "echo" Russian propaganda, knowingly or not:

    And since the hack of the Democrats was laid at their doorstep, I don't feel like it's incautious to lean toward believing they put a lot of fake news into the mix.
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    I don't think there's any doubt that Russia is in the mix as all sides have been at this game for decades. I just question them being assigned as the driving force in the current Fake News flood we are seeing and I see little that makes PropOrNot a credible source for anything.
    Some of their selection criteria for a propaganda site is laughable IMO.
    Their propaganda list includes sites that range from the total nutball to news link sites like drudge.
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    Do you mean the "Drudge Report". I don't know that I've ever looked at it, so I googled around and found the following opinion by a judge, from a law suit filed against them; "Drudge is not a reporter, a journalist or a newsgatherer. He is, as he himself admits, simply a purveyor of gossip. " [ref: techlawjournal.com, which may or may not be another gossip website]
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    The claim in Astro's link was merely:

    They may or may not be operating exclusively on confirmation bias. But then there's the Foreign Policy Research Institute to address:

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    I go to the Drudge site fairly often. All the news stories I've read were from legitimate sources. They are definitely right wing viewpoints though.
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    That's an impressive think-tank of former cold warriors
    and we can see how parts of the original WPORT story are being sourced with FPRI and PropOrNot in popular media already.
    and morphed into:
    “Report: Research Confirms That Russia Played a Major Role in Spreading Fake News.”

    and then it's spun back up by a real Russian disinformation agent (RT).
    and it's now being used as a reason to join the recount effort.
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