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The good the bad the ugly

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    Talking about cosmo theories, these are only my feelings and have no scientific basis, but i think it is okay to talk about such things in GD.
    To me GR is good, it has a wealth of observational evidence to back it up.
    Hawking radiation is bad, there is no evidence for it.
    String theory is ugly, it just keeps going.

    There is no need to go in to detail here just a few words on what you think.
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    What about M Theory?
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    The good: larkspur, my only basis for this is a closed caption that cracked me up recently and just a feeling I get.

    The bad: tough one, I'm going to go with Moonbear. She's just got this hidden evil side that doesn't get seen much, but keeps me awake at night worrying.

    The ugly: Artman.
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