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The graph of tan(x)/cos(x)

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    I just recently discovered for myself this weird graph, can anyone explain to me what is exactly happening here. I realize there are a couple asymptotes but I am confused on when when y<0 the "legs" of the graph converge on another asymptote it looks like the tan(x) is just repeated but flipped so it goes:
    Normal tan(x) look then the second one will be tan(x) with a flip on the y-axis then it goes back to the normal tan(x) graph. Weird. Care to explain what's happens?

    P.S sorry about if this is in the wrong section :)
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    Sorry about little typos I'm on my phone.
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    Plot tan(x) and tan(x)/cos(x) on the same axis

    What is happening is
    when cos(x)>0 to tan(x)/cos(x) looks a lot like tan(x)
    when cos(x)<0 to tan(x)/cos(x) looks a lot like -tan(x)
    So those two are alternating.
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