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The gravity force

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    The gravity force between ourselves and the objects around us is extremely small as gravity is a very weak force. The electric force is far stronger than the gravity force. Since we and the objects around us are composed of charged particles, why don’t we experience huge electrical forces?

    We do. Try walking through a solid wall. The force that makes you go bump is electromagnetic. It's just that you're used to it, so you don't pay any special attention.

    This is what my friend told me, but still Struggle on this theory ...
    anyone can explain more clearly what is this mean??
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    Most forces in mechanical interactions are electromagnetic. Bodies normally are uncharged but when brought very close, the charges inherent in them lead to such interactions as normal force, friction, tension in strings or even spring force. You could think that charged particles such as electrons repel each other very strongly when brought very close and these are the forces that appear as 'bumps'.
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