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The Gravity Theory (TGT)

  1. Nov 20, 2003 #1
    s = ct

    I claim that ptot = mc for all particles, and thereby:

    p = mc = mv/(1 - (v/c)2)½

    and thereby v = c/2½

    If the Loretz-transformation is true for x, y, z and tcoord (and also for v) inside the referencesystems:
    ((1 - (v0/c)2)½) = ((1 - (v1/c)2)½)

    The derivata is also true for dx, dy, dz and dtcoord (and also for dv) even if v is constant:

    -v0/c2(1 - (v0/c)2)½ = -v1/c2(1 - (v1/c)2)½

    (This is seen from a third referencesystem, the equation is alternatively 1 = -v1/c2(1 - (v1/c)2)½ seen from a second)


    dv0v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = dv0v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½

    and (thereby)

    a0v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = a1v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½

    so m0a0v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = m1a1v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = Ftot

    This means that the force m0 attracts m1 with is the force m1 attracts m0 with. It also means that if m0 x-doubles, a1 do to. if m0 thereafter y-doubles, the force has xy doubled.

    We understand that we probably should look at this from the second referencesystem as in the case of de Broglie's instead of the third:

    m0a0 = m1a1v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = Ftot

    and get that:

    m0m1[/sub]v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = F since v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ is what causes the acceleration.

    But the force decrease sphearically and thereby we get that the total force between two bodies is m1m2v/c2(1 - (v1/c)2)½/(4[tex]\pi\[/tex]r2)

    But v/c2(1 - (v/c)2)½ = 1/(2c).

    Thereby F = m1m2/(16[tex]\pi\[/tex]r2c)

    But c variates from medium to medium, therefor c in this case is the average lightspeed, ca, in the mediums between the masses.

    G = 1/([tex] 8 [/tex][tex]\pi\[/tex][tex]c_a[/tex])

    I must add that the force variates with the form of the object, The force between two cylindershaped platinum weight at the distance one meter, both with the weight 1 kg is hard to calculate but seems to be more or less 1/([tex] 8 [/tex][tex]\pi\[/tex][tex]c_a[/tex])

    This means that nasa's problem with their satellite should not exist.

    And that the force of gravity variates with length and temperature.
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