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The Great Slow Race

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    Okay, so here's the competition:

    We will be given a spring that can stretch to no more than 40 centimeters in length. That spring has to be used to power some type of vehicle to move as far and as slow as possible. Our score will be determined by this: time*distance=score.

    Our idea is to make a car: put record wheels on an axel, wrap floss around the axel, then attatch it to the string and attach wheels in back to the structure. Our back wheels will be as small as possible. Probably the structure will be made out of balsa wood. Other keeping the force high (by keeping the radius of the axel small), is there any better way to slow the spring down / keep the car moving?
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    Oh yeah, and we can't add any energy to the system. e.g. 3 kg pulleys that lower to change potential gravitational energy into kinetic energy.
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