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The great UFO video topic

  1. May 3, 2005 #1
    If anyone has an UFO video to share, u can post it in this thread.


    Heres a flying saucer video i found:


    Its about 15 mins long, but the last 10 mins are a slowmotion of previous minutes.
    U need realplayer to view it.

    The best parts of the video are at:

    source: http://db.bbc.co.uk/southampton/features/ufo/ufo_et.shtml

    What do u guys think? Hoax? Identified? Or a real saucer?
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    it wont play???
    am i the only one???
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It works okay for me. Is your Real player up to date?
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    The object in the video is definately a silvery, saucer shaped disk.

    But i suppose it could be a balloon. Perhaps there is some way of comparing its movements with the clouds and see if it goes with the wind or not.
  6. May 3, 2005 #5
    Here is another video (this time u need quicktime):

    http://www.anomalies.net/ufo/nasaufo/3902/warpspeed.mov 7.2 mb


    Can anyone estimate at what speed this object moves?
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    I'm no video expert, but doesn't there seem to be a striking difference between the pixels that immediately surround the ufo and the rest of the video? Just make it full screen and let me know if you see the same thing. It looks like a video of a saucer was pasted onto a video of the sky, if that makes sense.
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  10. May 4, 2005 #9
    that happens a lot due to video compression. i can video tape a plane in the sky and put it on my comp and compress it and the pixels around it will be blurred a bit
  11. May 4, 2005 #10
    Yub thats entirely consistent with video compression.
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    yeah, but the pixelation appears to form a rectangle, and in real videos it would form a circuler shape around the disk, or airplane shape raund the plane...
  14. May 4, 2005 #13
    Take a look at the date and time stamp at the bottom right, u will see that this has identical pixelation. Also, take a look at any other compressed video, u will see that its perfectly normal.

    Compression uses a square grid to determine what the pixels surrounding the center-pixel will be compressed to, like:


    The size of this grid can vary, as can the numbers used to alter the area of pixels.

    Yes, this video could be hoax-editted, but so far there is no indication that this is the case.
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  15. May 5, 2005 #14
    i don't know anything about video's, i'm just saying, you might be right...
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    i dont, but i have read A Universe In a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking and i argee with what he says on aliens. If there were super intelligent beings they would feel no remorse in crushing us like we crush ants. So the aliens would have to be dumber then us.
  18. May 13, 2005 #17
    Here is another video:

    http://www.theobtuseangleofdewm.net/~rd/1995video.avi [Broken]

    Its 12 MB and 2 minutes long, high quality.
    I believe it was shot in Florida, but im not sure.
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  19. May 14, 2005 #18
    It seems the above link doesnt always work.

    Heres a new link to the video:

    http://www.pitrd.com/temp/1995video.avi [Broken] (12mb)

    Can anyone tell me their opinions of the authenticity of this video?

    I dont have much knowledge about how bright lights affect camera's, but the white light surrounding this UFO seems odd... perhaps even hoaxed.

    Id like to hear some other opinions on this.
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  20. May 17, 2005 #19
    I don't know what the object is, but it's pretty obvious that it's "movement" is due to the camera operator panning and zooming.

    It's impossible to estimate its size without making assumptions about its distance. It would be equally valid to suggest that it was very close to the camera (a reflection in the window??) as to suggest that it was thousands of km away.
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  21. May 18, 2005 #20
    I dont think panning and zooming alone can cause those perceived movements.

    The only clear bits where he zooms in are at second 0 to 2, and seconds 25 to 29. But inbetween the UFO also moves at apparent great speed.

    Perhaps the guy also fastforwarded the tape. It seems like earths luminated atmosphere very quickly dissapears over the horizon.
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