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The Greiner Series.

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    Does anyone have any experience with the Greiner series, specifically his introductory Quantum text ? I have heard it being touted as the new Landau and was wondering if the series is undergraduate friendly. I am well aware that there are quite a few typos (supposably corrected in later editions) but the prospect of examples worked out in their entirety is rather appealing.
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    No,they cannot be compared with the L-L series,for thousands of reasons.They are good books,right now i have the SM course on my desk and probably will use it for the SM exam.
    They're pretty advanced,i don't know what u mean by "undergraduate friendly".But for QM & QFT i'm sure there are dozens of better books.

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    By undergraduate friendly, I mean something that can be read and understood, to some extent, by an undergraduate. Specifically and undergraduate who is going to be enrolled in a QM course.
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