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The grip of force gauges

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    I use this type of force tester: http://www.qualityforcegauges.com/force-gauges/
    I’d like to ask you how I can replace some accesories to force gauges. I mean what type of tools (grip) I can use instead of chrome vise grip?. I need use some grip to make an analysis of materials strength (like a leather, jeans etc.) for my study but I don’t have any idea what type of device use to grip materials with fore gauge. Have you any idea?
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    In viewing their website, it seems that the company that makes your force gauge sells a variety of accessories. I would look at the C-clamp or even Roller Grip if that would work. I believe I have seen others use this brand, Torbal, with a test stand too. Hope this helps! :)

    Heres' the subpage I found http://www.torbalscales.com/industrial/force-gauges/test-stand-attachments.html [Broken]
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