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The growley glove

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    It's an orange pair of gloves I have. Our pet Teacup Chihuhua, Annie, loves it. I'll put one of the gloves on and she will play "growley glove" with me. She bites it and likes to play tug of war with the glove and my hand. She also has a small cotton airplane and she loves to do the same thing with it. I can tell her, "go get the airplane", and she will go find it and bring it to me. Does your pet have a favorite toy? Please tell us.
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    I used to have a little terrier that had a blanket it would not be without. He would hold one corner of the blanket down with a hind foot and with another corner in his mouth he would walk around in a circle until the corner he held in his mouth would twist into a point. Then he would lay down and suck on this point like a pacifier.

    He would drag this thing with him where ever he went, he was never without it. We buried him with his blanket.
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    One of my friend's dogs has a toy they affectionately call his "cummy bear." For obvious reasons.

    - Warren
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    My dog loves a small red porcupine and refuses to touch any other toys. Hes' played with it all of his life and gets depressed when it is stuck behind an object and he cannot get to it.

    He also likes to play with the ottoman... racing around it nascar style.
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    jimmy p

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    My aunt's cat plays fetch with a ball of paper. My youngest cat likes playing with a crisp packet tied to a string. Also she enjoys "flying around" on her scratching post. She climbs on it, meows until you pick it up and then purrs as you run around the house with it n stuff. weird no?
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