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The Halo and the Non Linear Crystal

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    Photon splitting.

    It's effective use in Quantum Computation?

    Optical Parametric Generation

    In the photon picture shown above, a high frequency photon (blue) enters a crystal and is split into two lower frequency photons (green and red). Conservation of energy means that the sum of the frequencies of the green and red photons must equal the frequency of the blue photon. This is reflected in the equation for parametric generation above. The crystal itself belongs to a particular class, known as nonlinear crystals (examples include lithium niobate, BBO, KTP and RTA). Although all transparent materials will exhibit nonlinear optical effects, the coefficient that determines the strength of the nonlinear interaction is particularly large for nonlinear crystals.

    http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~oponet/Beginners%20Guide/NL%20optics.html [Broken]
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    http://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20000909/a3744_3415.JPG [Broken]
    An asymmetry of nature: Neutrinos spin in just one direction, so they would all spin in the opposite direction in the mirror world.

    A mirror universe" is predicted to exist if parity and/or time reversal are unbroken symmetries of nature [1,2]. The idea is that for each ordinary particle, such as the photon, electron, proton and neutron, there is a corresponding mirror particle, of exactly the same mass as the ordinary particle. The parity symmetry interchanges the ordinary particles with the mirror particles so that the properties of the mirror particles completely mirror those of the ordinary particles. For example the mirror proton and mirror electron are stable and interact with the mirror photon in the same way in which the ordinary proton and electron interacts with the ordinary photons. The mirror particles are not produced in Laboratory experiments just because they couple very weakly to the ordinary particles.

    In the modern language of gauge theories, the mirror particles are all singlets under the standard G _ SU(3) SU(2)L U(1)Y gauge interactions. Instead the mirror particles interact with a set of mirror gauge particles, so that the gauge symmetry of the theory is doubled, i.e. G G (the ordinary particles are, of course, singlets under the mirror gauge symmetry) [2]. Parity is conserved because the mirror particles experience V +A (i.e. right handed) mirror weak interactions while the ordinary particles experience the usual V _ A (i.e. left-handed) weak interactions. Ordinary and mirror particles interact with each other predominately by gravity only. At the present time there is some experimental evidence that mirror matter exists coming from cosmology [3] as well as from the neutrino physics anomalies [4].

    It was realized some time ago by Glashow [5] that the orthopositronium system provides one sensitive way to search for the mirror universe. The idea is that small kinetic mixing of the ordinary and mirror photons may exist which would mix ordinary and mirror ortho positronium, leading to maximal ortho positronium - mirror orthopositronium oscillations.

    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/hep-ph/pdf/0003/0003278.pdf [Broken]
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    What Effect Does , The magnetic Field, Gravitation Field have on Polarization?

    Thanks to Dirk and Marcus for linked reference that I found support my statements about Dirac and Feynmen toy models. I have other sources that lead one to wonder as I have.

    http://faculty.rmwc.edu/tmichalik/images/dirac2.jpg [Broken]

    “P.A.M. Dirac was a gifted mathematical inventor who saw how quantum mechanics rises from classical mechanics, yet transcends it. Dirac did not know of the Bohr atom when he arrived at Cambridge in 1923; yet he quickly began contributing to the mathematical structure demanded by quantum phenomena, discovering the connection between the Poisson bracket and the commutator of Heisenberg”s matrix representation of observables. Then, with careful attention to its classical antecedent, Dirac found the equation governing the evolution of the matrix elements which had eluded Heisenberg in the operator ihdA/dt = [A,H]. He then went on to discover spinors in describing the relativistic electron and antimatter implied by the quantum in relativistic space-time. Dirac conceived the many-time formulation of relativistic quantum mechanics and laid the foundations of the Feynman path integral thereby opening the way to quantum electrodynamics. Newton synthesized the foundations of classical mechanics. In fitting kinship, Dirac, who did the equivalent for quantum mechanics, filled the chair at Cambridge held by Newton.”

    http://faculty.rmwc.edu/tmichalik/dirac.htm [Broken]

    http://besch2.physik.uni-siegen.de/~depac/DePAC/DePAC_tutorial_database/grupen_istanbul/node20.html [Broken]

    http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/stringboard/messages22/31.html [Broken] The links sources in paragraphs as well as pictures have been removed at the source, but I think the wording is sufficient to help illucidate the avenue that I had been exploring.
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