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News The happiest American

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    Hillary, if she qualifies!
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    America will never vote a woman as President. Not in my lifetime, at least.
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    I don't think Hillary has any chance of winning. Even people who liked Bill don't like her. Though there is also speculation that Rudy Giuliani will run in 2008. I like him. He fits pretty well with my political views...he's a liberal Republican...I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, but he really blends the best of both parties. I don't like Bush being reelected, so all I really can do is look forward to whoever will be running in 2008.
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    Hillary doesn't stand a chance - not in the next generation or two (maybe a VP position, but I find that a bit of a stretch too, and nobody'd pick her) - nor does any other woman (including Condi).

    If Rudi gets through the primary, he'll be virtually impossible to beat (polls have shown that his affair hardly dented his favorability ratings)...unless McCain runs under a Democratic ticket or the skies fall or some such thing.

    In short, I'm not so sure that Hillary is licking her chops, and rubbing her palms.
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    Hillary already ran the world for eight years, hasn't she had enough?

    Power crazy people....
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    A point I haven't seen made is that election 2004 confirms an old US tradition. No candidate from Congess can beat a sitting president. Generals can do it (Eisenhower), Governors can do it (Carter). But Senators and Representatives haven't done it for 150 years or more. The people just won't believe somebody who has made a career in legislation has the governing chops to be preferable to even a disliked president with experience.
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    ...are the Republicans
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    who ...Bush and Arnold ?
  10. Nov 4, 2004 #9

    Bash Bush all you want.

    Don't even think about touching Arnold though. As far as i'm concerned that man is a ****ing godsend after the debacle that was Gray Davis. Davis tried to give illegal aliens, non-citizens and criminals, California Driver's License's. Other states threatened to no longer accept california license's. PLus th obvious attempt to allow them to vote illegaly with very little effort, since its the same application to register to vote and get a license, which the democrats would have loved the several million illegal votes they would have gained. The democrats in this state have sold out their legal constituents in favor of Mexico. Pullin myself back on track...Arnold has practically saved the state from the cliff Davis was trying to drive it off of (and to to think, Al Gore considered Davis as his running mate!). After what Arnold has done to stop the train wreck that the state had become as far as i'm concerned he has the right to any office he wants. To boot, he has no aims for the presidency, the odds of an amendment being passed that would allow him to run are too slim. That said, after his performance here in the last year, he would have my vote in a half a second if it did happen.
  11. Nov 4, 2004 #10
    So someone else did see that...glad to hear it.

    If Rudolph Giuliani runs in 2008, New York will break the habbit of voting for democrats. It is true he really is a nice blend of both parties, and he really does know what he is doing.

    Criticize Bush all you want. He won.
  12. Nov 4, 2004 #11
    Your right, we should be critisizing the American people, (yes I know not all of them) You can now kiss your foreign relations good bye, you don't have a single western country on your side any more.
  13. Nov 4, 2004 #12
    You are wrong but even if you were right that not end our foreign relations with your country or with any other country in the world. Why? Because Capitalism is still strong in America and as such America has the strongest economy in the world. You can hate us, you can love us, but you cannot ignore us because as long as this country is capitalist instead of socialist we will be rich!

    Nobody in America is making policy for Canada or Europe. I think people feel this way only because they know their economy and hence their well being depends so much on the US economy. Well fear not but cause with GWB in office the American economy will continue to be strong and so imports from your country will continue and your lively hood will continue to grow as long as your government does not try to take too much of you money.

  14. Nov 4, 2004 #13
    As a New Yorker, I like Hillary imensely, especially after all the fighting she's done to get the relief funds for 9/11 that Bush promised us.

    But John Kerry, the war hero, the guy who 90% of the voters declared was the smarter of the two candidates, couldn't get elected.

    Hillary Clinton, the pompus carpet-bagger, the heartless power-whore who didn't leave her husband when he cheated on her, will never be elected.

    The Democrats are gonna do some serious reformation, and I'll bet that in 2008, the candidate isn't anyone who's really known that well now, like how Howard Dean was a nobody till he ran for President. And I'll bet you anything that if the guy actually wins, he's not some north-eastern liberal.
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  15. Nov 4, 2004 #14
    Definately! if Bush keeps up his borrow-and-spend habbits, all the countries of the world will get rich on American debt interest alone!
  16. Nov 4, 2004 #15

    Then there is that too...it really does piss me off but it is not what I was talking about...

    The US does need to start working on being fiscially responsible :grumpy:
  17. Nov 4, 2004 #16
    Evo - Please remind "The_Professional" that changing a quote is improper.
  18. Nov 4, 2004 #17
    America is rich because their corporations have fewer [than the rest of the western world] qualms about exploiting the third world so the upper and later, middle class of america can prosper. It can be argued that they are simply better at it as well. It has little to do with Capitalism and Socialism, which are not opposite ends of a spectrum.

    America does not have the strongest or largest economy in the world, however it is up there and the most stable of the top, it's main competator is China, which is the main exporter of commodites for most of the world, especially South East Asia, its growing faster than America too, and if its economy stables out I predict it will become stronger, economically, than the United States.
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  19. Nov 4, 2004 #18
    I am a New Yorker too but I must say I would favor Rudy Giuliani if it came between the two of them although Hilary did put forth quite an effort to help the city.

    Great Britain is still on our side.
  20. Nov 4, 2004 #19
    Untill the Election.
  21. Nov 4, 2004 #20
    Yes indeed - she talks about it a lot. She talks a lot. Talking is good. She stands for the people. She stands a lot. Standing is good.

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