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The Happy Thread

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    Hi guys I've been lurking around these areas of the forums and was inspired by another fsrum to create a 'happy thread'. You know I've been seeing a lot of dismal news lately and how mad/angry/sad everyone is but how about how good was your day, what's making you happy? What was your little joy =]

    Here's my little one:

    I finally moved out of the dreadful dorms with my horrible room mates and am getting a new apartment to share with one other. I feel so elated, now I can get my life on track, eat great, exercise and focus more on my work =D
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    I am happy merely looking forward to my future. As Thoreau said, true sadness comes when we can no longer derive happiness from the prospects of our futures.
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    Great idea! I've had a really crappy day today, actually several recently, and it's good to focus on the good things in life.

    OK so the most obvious - I have a wonderful cat right next to me, furry and soft and content. Love her.

    I do have a job, still, even though it has become a source of significant stress lately and they only pay me 90% of what they did last year...but it is a job, and I know lots of people in my industry would trade their right arm for my stupid problems.

    The weather is nice.

    My health is excellent. My family's health is very good too.

    It's almost the weekend.
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    I am happy because it's May 1 today.
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