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The Hardest IQ test I've found on the net so far

  1. Jul 12, 2004 #1
    Go here: http://www.iqtest.sk/

    Be warned. They're hard. Really hard.
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    They don't make sense.

    I'm looking at the "mathematical" ones, and all I see are lists of numbers and boxes. Are they series?
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    hmm... i stopped after this:

    "On February 28th at 19 o'clock you set the mechanical alarm-clock at 8 o'clock in the morning and go to bed. How many hours will you sleep, if we suppose that you fall asleep immediately after setting the alarm-clock?"

    i'm not sure if this is due to me leaning towards british english over US english... but do i set the clock at 8 o'clock or do i set it to 8 o'clock?... and i often oversleep my alarmclock by 5-6 minutes... and it's not enough to just set the time, you also have to actually enable the alarm... did i do that? and why does he even bother trying to trick us with the feb. 28th data? is he luring us to think it is important? or is that just a trick? maybe he knows that we'd consider it to be a trick, but it's not, and the folding of the entire sharwarma depends on us finding out...

    as you see... way to many questions and too few answers... :D nobody in their rigth mind would ever finish such a test...
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    If it's mechanical you only sleep for an hour becuase mechanical clocks can't differ between am and pm.
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    Actually, I think you set a clock to 8 o' clock but you set the alarm for 8 o' clock.

    When you use 'at', you are talking about the time when you set the clock/alarm.
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